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We can help you make plans before moving into together or marrying. Have you thought about a Cohabititation Agreement or a Pre-nup?

We can help with divorce, dissolution, separation and financial and property issues that will need to be resolved following the  breakdown of a relationship.

We can also help you in making  arrangements for your children following a separation, and our team – like you – will have the best interests of your children at heart.

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  • Separation Divorce and Dissolution

    The collaborative approach enables couples to address concerns, such as financial issues or problems regarding arrangements of any children, in a sensible and pragmatic fashion.

  • Planning to marry or move in together?

    For couples who wish to avoid difficulties, coming to an agreement through the collaborative model is a far better option.

  • What our customers say

    "For me the collaborative approach resonated strongly with my personal values of trying wherever possible to achieve a win – win; or at the least reducing the harm to either party."

  • Arrangements for your children

    If you are thinking about divorce or separation, one of
 your biggest worries is likely to be about your children. Our collaborative practitioners can help you deal with the emotions involved.