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We are a group of lawyers, mediators, financial planners and family consultants in Sussex, committed to the Collaborative Process. The Collaborative Process is an increasingly popular approach designed for resolving relationship disputes without going to Court or for negotiating agreements in advance of forming a marriage or civil partnership.

Our members work together with couples to form agreements and resolve disputes by negotiating constructively, minimising conflict and focusing on what is important to you.


I was really pleased to discover that there was an alternative to the traditional essentially adversarial process around divorce. For me the collaborative approach resonated strongly with my personal values of trying wherever possible to achieve a win – win; or at the least reducing the harm to either party.

"I also felt supported throughout by knowing that my lawyer was both looking after my interests, and honouring the process.

"It wasn’t easy, but in the end, I felt that both I and my ex-partner were able to close the chapter knowing that we had done the “right”  thing by each other.